International Conference on Neuroprotective Agents

15th ICNA Conference

Grand Hotel Italia, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

September 2021

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Information for Attendees

Online registration will become available in 2021. Click here for currently available information.

Abstract submission deadline for oral presentations has not yet been determined.



History:  This series of biennial conferences began in 1991, and have been held throughout the U.S. and internationally. Each conference is held in a smaller venue, usually on the water, and the atmosphere is relaxed and informal. Almost every person attending is expected to present a paper relating to some aspect of neuroprotection, and to participate in discussions during each session. 


Typical format:  Detailed information will be listed in the Schedule section as it becomes available. Note: EVERY person attending pays conference registration and lodging expenses, including the officers of the corporation.  There are no exceptions.


PUBLICATION The proceedings of each ICNA conference (excluding the first conference in 1991) have been published - initially as an Annal of the NY Academy of Sciences. The 10th ICNA, held in September, 2010 was published in the American Journal of Neuroprotection and Neuroregeneration (Volume 3, Number 1). The 11th ICNA held at Wendake, Quebec  City, Canada in September 2012 (Volume 48, Number 2), the 12th ICNA held at the Boar's Head Inn, Charlottesville, Virginia in September 2014 (Volume 52, Number 2), as well as the 13th ICNA held at Hotel Seminario, Bilbao/Bizkaia, Spain in September of 2016 (Volume 55, Issue 1) were all published in Molecular Neurobiology. In the Topics section, you will find the titles of all papers appearing in Molecular Neurobiology.

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